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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let them eat cake. (no really, they can have mine)

Ah, birthdays. Another year gone by and another begun. I wish that I had something deep and philosophical to say. I'll probably come up with something later as I'm trying to fall asleep, and it will probably be someone else's. As for my original thoughts, they usually lean towards food. As pictured below.

What we have here is a very typical looking cake. A yellow coconut cake with boiled coconut frosting, sprinkled with (yes) coconut. (I have quite a bit of coconut left over from holiday baking and I need to use it.) Yes, it looks like a normal cake, it even smells like one. However, this is my first attempt at a "from scratch" cake and I'm a little disappointed in myself.

I should have known that something was wrong when the batter was the consistency of cookie dough, and the frosting was the consistency of wet batter. I followed those instructions (Jen was there to witness and she is willing to testify) and didn't miss any ingredients. However, I think I have yet to learn what some of the baking terms actually mean (i.e. the result they should produce). When I had to (quite literally) spread the "batter" around to fit the 13x9 pan, Jen and I decided that we would just tell everyone we were making coconut BARS.

Well, that's pretty much how it turned out. The cake didn't rise at all and weighs about 5 lbs. (not an actual measurement, but I'm willing to wager a slice of it) Ray had quite a time trying to cut through the density of it. It's moist, but it's a very thick, heavy moist. More like a cookie. It's very coconut-y though. The frosting is also a bit rich for my taste, and has to be refrigerated or it melts off the "cake".

I'm seeing this as a challenge and am determined to make an acceptable birthday cake (I know several people who have one coming up. Don't worry, I won't force you to eat any "failures"). This cake is edible and is actually very good if you don't expect it to be cake. You just can't eat very much because it hits you like a brick.

At least the pizza was good. And I have a cinnamon roll left over from breakfast that I think I'll enjoy tomorrow. I've had enough baked goods for this evening.

(p.s. Ray got me a very pretty flower. I'm not usually one for them, but I think this is the most perfect looking rose anyone has ever given me. I love it.)

(p.p.s. The recipe came from, I've used it for cookies before. Usually pretty good)


Little Hen Knits said...

Where did you get the recipe from?

Little Raven said...

LOL! Sounds like some of my kitchen adventures. ;-) It looks yummy though.

Lovely rose.