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Saturday, April 5, 2008

1 sin down, 6 more to go.

They are done! And they match perfectly, well as perfectly as I want them to anyway. Too perfect and they wouldn't have any character. So, I love them and I'm going to have to come up with an outfit to show them off. Or at least find some shoes that'll do them justice.

The colors and striping on the toes remind me of easter eggs, which make me think of chocolate bunnies. Mmmmm, chocolate.

I had enough of all the colors in the end, I have only a few yards of #1 and #4, but quite a bit of #2 and #3. I need to come up with a small (less than 100 yards) project for them, but haven't thought of anything yet.

Now I'm working on Betty's square for her scarf, the final square! Then we're going to get together at Betty's house one night and have a wine, food, and scarf-assembling party! It'll be so much fun.

After I'm done with Betty's square I'm going to start designing items to sell at the farmer's market this summer. Ethan got a spot for Maura and I to sell (her) handspun yarn, and (our) knitted items. I think she's going to focus on scarves and hats (?) from her handspun and I'm going to try and come up with some household items as well as some accessories. I'm pretty excited, Ray even offered to learn how to felt so he could help me out. I know how he is, and I'm really glad he offered to help, it means he supports what I'm doing. I also don't think he'll really "get into" felting items and will probably help out with a few and bow out. That's okay though, in this case it really is the thought that counts. I love him!

And, just because I forgot to do it last time I had a photo shoot, here is a picture of Sam. Always watching, always grumpy, ALWAYS cute! (I love him too!)

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Little Raven said...

Those are so pretty. You are so talented.:-)

Sam is just a cutie-pie.