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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day of Pie, Pizza, and Pictures

7DS Spoiler badge

Yes, faithful followers, I have been neglecting you. I just don't take the necessary time to keep you updated on what is going on. Probably because most of the people that read this blog see me on a regular basis, and we communicate in person. However, there may be one or two people that read this that I don't see regularly, and to you; sorry I've been away.

Anywho, it's Thanksgiving Day! And guess what? I don't have to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! To celebrate our not having to drive anywhere or cook anything, Ray and I had pumpkin pie (store bought, of course) for breakfast. I think every Thanksgiving should start with pumpkin pie. I'm seriously going to make this tradition around our house, why wait all day for deliciousness? For dinner, we're having One Sun Bakery Organic Spinach & Garlic pizza from the co-op. It's our favorite! I might actually break my oath of not doing anything and make this pumpkin bread, but it wouldn't take very long and looks delicious. Worth oath-breakage.

I also took time to take pictures of some of the projects I'm working on, since I haven't done that for a while. I'm almost 3/5 of the way through the Dollar and a Half cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2007. I'm using Rowan Soft Lux, in Ciel, that I got super cheap on


This is the left front. The back and right front look like this:


A side view of course. Also, I haven't blocked any of the pieces yet, so they look slightly "bubbly".

I really love this yarn though. It's got a slight halo to it, and the metallic fiber that is spun with it makes the fabric sparkle. Glee!

I finally started on the Pride project from the 7DSC last night. It's my first real lace project and already I think I'm doing it wrong. Maybe some one can tell me by looking at it, but the spots where my YO are don't seem to be "twisting" like they do in the picture of the project (and in the one's other people have done).


If you look at the row of YO by my right index finger, you can see they form more of a sideways "V" rather than a single line, like this one does:

Syncopated Lace shawl example

Actually, after looking at this picture compared to mine, none of my YO look right. Is this one of those "blocking" things? I know that lace isn't really completed until it's blocked (and the second one OBVIOUSLY is). Just looking at the stitches though, mine don't seem to be "formed" right. I know I'm doing the actual YO correctly, and on the next row I'm working them through the front. Am I supposed to work them through the back? The instructions don't say either way.

This technique dilemma aside, I really like doing lace.

Ok, onto the spoiler mentioned above. GREED! That's the theme of the 5th shipment of the 7DSC.


We've got 367 yds of 50/50 Superwash Merino/Tencel in the Precious Metals colorway (Gold & Silver). A $100 bill magnetic bookmarker, gold, silver, and copper colored bangles, gold and silver chocolate coins (which I greedily ate before I could shoot them. I wasn't too greedy though, I shared them with others), clear beads to string onto the yarn as well as a silver button for the pattern, a stitch marker of $100 bills, and a length of cream colored raw silk (used as the background here) for the lining.


The pattern is for a clutch purse, to hold all of my monies. Of which I have very little of at this time of year, and in general. I could stuff it with toilet paper though and no one would know the difference, just like in middle school......erm, I mean. What's that over there? ~runs away~ :)

So, that is the latest shipment, and I am pleased. Very pretty yarn, very good use of the theme, and it came with chocolate. Thumbs up!

p.s. I have designed a project for Knitty which they are going to be using in an upcoming issue (not the next one), but I don't know which one yet. So I can't say what it is, but when I find out which issue it'll be I'll let you all know. Squee!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More People need to see this... feel free to cross-post, link-to, copy and paste, or whatever to help pass this along.  I copied this from Parade.  It's pretty safe to say that I don't know anyone in the top five percent, so if you fall into one of the "lower" groups it should be clear who you should vote for.  Just sayin'.

How Much Would You Pay in Taxes?
Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain both say they’ll cut federal taxes if elected. Here’s what their proposals would mean for you.

  Obama McCain
If you make... you'd   
less than $19,000 $567 $21
$19,000-$37,600 $892 $118
$37,600-$66,400 $1118 $325
$66,400-$111,600 $1264 $994
$111,600-$161,000 $2135 $2584




If you're in the top 5% of earners... you'd pay  
an extra...
$227,000-$603,400 $121 $8159
$603,400-$2.87 million $93,709 $48,862
more than $2.87 million $542,882 $290,708

*Source: Tax Policy Center. Numbers have been rounded. For complete details, go to

If your annual salary is less than $112,000, you’d pay less in taxes under Obama’s plan; if your salary is higher, McCain would cut your taxes more. “While the aggregate tax cut is bigger for McCain, a larger number of voters get more money under Obama,” says Alan Viard, a tax-policy expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “Obama is choosing to emphasize tax cuts for the middle class, whereas McCain’s strategy is to keep rates lower at the top as a way to facilitate long-run growth.” For example, a person with an income of $1 million could see his taxes increase under Obama by as much as $94,000, whereas under McCain’s plan he could save about $48,000.

— Rebecca Davis O'Brien

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sugar Twist Hat

Free pattern time again!! It's going to start getting chilly again soon (although today is no indicator of that. I was the crazy lady walking down the street in a winter coat, hat, and scarf. It's 82 degrees today!), and you'll need something to keep the heat in your noggin. I know I do, plus I wanted to have a hat to match the Cable Twist scarf I made and had just enough Malabrigo left over to do so. I've always thought that Malabrigo looked like cotton candy spun into yarn (and although that would create a huge sticky mess, it would literally be the most delicious yarn ever!), so I name thee:

Sugar Twist Hat


Yarn: Malabrigo Gruesa (100% Wool; 3.5 oz; 65 yds): #100 Rosa Viejo, 2 skeins (I only used a small portion of the second skein, so if you make a smaller version you could get away with 1 skein)

Needles: 1 set US 10 (6.0mm) dpns & one 16 in. circular needle

Other Stuff: Cable needle, stitch markers, tapestry needle

Gauge: 10 sts & 18 rows = 4 in. in reverse stockinette st (that's where the right side of the work is the purl side, just in case ;)

Size: this fits my 21 in. head nice and snug; any adjustments to the stitch count will alter the look of the cable, but if you do need to add or subtract stitches, I would do that evenly throughout the purl sections.

* I edited the pattern a little to make the hat longer. If you have short/thin hair, go with the fewer rows. If you have long/thick hair, definitely add the extra rows. *


CO 60 sts.

Place marker(pm) and join yarn (and yes, be careful not to twist), then K2, p2 across all sts. Repeat for 4 rows total.

Row 1: P10, pm, K10, pm; repeat to end of row

Row 2: P10, slip marker (sm), K10, sm; repeat to end of row

Repeat Row 2 eight/ten more times.

Cable Row: *P10, slip 5 st to cable needle(cn), hold in front of work, K5 sts, K5 sts from cn; repeat from * to end of row.

Repeat Row 2 for ten rows.

Decrease Rows:

Row 1: P8, P2tog, sm, K8, SSK, sm; repeat to end of row.

Row 2: P9, sm, K9, sm; repeat to end of row.

Row 3: P7, P2tog, sm, K7, SSK, sm; repeat to end of row.

Row 4: P8, sm, K8, sm; repeat to end of row.

Row 5: P2tog, P to 2 st before m, P2tog, sm K2tog, K to 2 st before m, SSK, sm; repeat to end of row.

Row 6: Purl the purls, knit the knits ;)

Row 7: Repeat Row 5

Row 8: Repeat Row 6

Row 9: P2tog twice, K2tog, SSK; repeat to end of row.

Row 10: Repeat Row 6

Row 11: P2tog, K2tog; repeat to end of row.

Break yarn and weave in ends. Wear with love!

For your viewing pleasure I'll give you another shot from my very brief photo session (any longer and I would have fainted from heat exhaustion!). I assure you, this is the one in which I look the LEAST pissed off:


I was looking right into the sun, it was very hot, and there was a squirrel on the power lines that was none too happy about me shooting near his garden and was telling me all about it. I blame the sun mostly. Next time we shall wait another hour when the sun's not so high.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Seven Deadly S(p)ins Shipment #4




 7DS Spoiler badge




Today, I am full of Pride!  Pride in myself for the patience I've shown with this club and with waiting for this shipment ;).  Pride in this club for coming through with a great shipment and copious amounts of yarn, as well as a great pattern.  And pride in my photoshop skills for getting the colors as close as I could to the originals (at least with the very meager amount of experience that I have).

Yes, the theme of this shipment is Pride, and here it is:


The extras were few but, as I'm not in this for the extras, that was quite alright with me.  I thought they were clever and useful (a mirror compact/hairbrush, a translucent vinyl bag for toting around your project, a handful of assorted candy; can't go wrong with candy, a 15% off coupon for WoolGirl, and these adorable stitch markers from Mama Llama in colors which I will explain in sec.).

The pattern is a lace wrap called Syncopated Lace by Merike Saarniit.  In the booklet she explains that she is Estonian and extremely proud of her heritage, and learned to knit while growing up as part of her heritage.  The lace pattern is an adaptation of two different Estonian Lace stitches and has a cabled border from the mind of the designer herself.  The stitch markers included with the kit are in the colors Blue, Black, and White; the colors of the Estonian flag.  The pattern is gorgeous and will be my first TRUE lace project.  I'm very excited to start!

The yarn is The Unique Sheep Luxe (75% Superwash Merino/25% Tussah Silk, 200 yds/skein) in the Pride colorway.  This is another gradient color scheme, starting with oranges and reds, and ending with deep pinks and purples.  It looks like it's going to be great to work with, and I may have to use the coupon to get enough to make Jeannie!


The next contest for this club is a photo contest, in which we're supposed to take a picture that symbolizes one of the Deadly Sins.  I've got a few (okay, way too many, and most require a wardrobe I don't even come close to owning!) ideas and think this will be a fun contest.  Maybe I'll even win this time! ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sheepy, Wooly, Festy


What a blast!  Maura, Heather, Betty, and I went to the Jefferson Sheep & Wool Festival yesterday.  It was a great day, the drive up was full of conversation, music, and napping (Heather was tuckered out from the night before, which happened to end a few hours before we left ;).  I knew it was going to be a good day when I looked at the clouds and they were so fluffy and clumpy, they looked like huge batts of un-dyed roving in the sky. 

There were just as many vendors as there were last year, even some new ones, and sooooo much yarn and fiber that it was hard not to buy something at each booth.  We all did very good though and stuck (for the most part...) to our budgets.  I fell in love with a shop out of Geneva, IL called Wool and Company.  Not only did they carry the Mirasol Hacho I recently acquired, but also Shi Bui, Dream in Color, & Colinette Jitterbug.  It was a really, really hard decision to make; but I had to have a plan.  I've been eyeing up the chevron scarf for over a year now, and decided I was going to buy enough of one of these yarns to make it.  After a very rigorous debate over color and yardage (and much help from my co-horts) I decided to go with this:


Try as I might, I just can't get a photograph that shows off the vibrant, rich, impossibly edible colors that appear in this yarn.  Sorry, but this picture does not do it justice.  So this is the Colinette Jitterbug in Lagoon (left), and Salty Dog (right), as well as the Ravelry button we each got from Dianne at Creatively Dyed Yarns.  So begins my chevron scarf, I may even have enough to make a hat to match!

As well as yarny goodness, there were also throngs of adorable animals, I leave you with just a few:





Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a Quick Word

I'm about to shove off to bed, but before I do I want to pass the word to those that may not have caught wind of this yet.  There is a new online knitting magazine up and running.  The patterns are not free :(  but they are gorgeous enough for me to not care.  The articles are pretty informative, especially the one by Cat Bordhi and an amazing new way to knit a sock (I swear that woman could find a way to knit a bicycle into a sock!).  The layout is really cool too, you just click on the sidebar to "turn" the page.  Probably the most beautiful feature though (besides the lovely patterns) is the photography (ATTENTION: MAURA!!!!), they divide the sections of patterns up into themes, just have to see for yourself.  They're so much fun!

Anyway, this is my obsession: Wisteria.  I've been searching online for a yarn that will work that won't make the sweater be $60.  I think I can do Knit Picks Swish for about $40, but I don't know what the yarn feels like.  Has anyone used it?  Is it soft and "sweaterable"?  There are also a few other patterns that I want to make, but this one will be first (if I make any, that is). 

So there, go forth and drool!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7 Deadly Sins Shipment #3



7DS Spoiler badge





Just in case I didn't start this post low enough for anyone to not be spoiled if they stumble upon this, I'll give you a picture of my animal fitting this month's them quite well:



So yes, this shipments' theme was Sloth.  I was quite worried about this shipment given my disappointment in the last one, but I have to say I'm not really disappointed this time.  I'm not as ecstatic as I could be, but at least this shipment had some yarn in it, and the pattern (although I would probably pass it by if searching for something to make) looks like it took a really long time (not to mention a lot of math) to design.  It's not something I would normally like, but I think it could grow on me.  It also looks like it's going to be a heck of a lot more challenging than the last shipment.


The yarn is Unique Sheep Footprints.  50g of Studmuffin (brown) and 70g of Siesta Fiesta (multicolor), as well as 8g of black angora yarn for the inside of the earflaps.  The extras included were a row counter (for those to lazy to keep track), a club button, a note pad with a crazy colorful sloth on it, and some loose tea from Felicitea (green tea, chamomile, peppermint, and catnip), as well as a tea bag to put it in (the glass of Mango Lemonade did not come with the shipment, I was just to lazy to move it.  Just keeping with the theme!)

So while it's not what I expected, I'm happy about the challenge that the project will provide.  However, it's going to wait a little bit because I've started something else.


This is the Short 'N Sweet (ravelry link) from the Stitch 'N Bitch Happy Hooker book.  I'm making this with the same yarn that I made Blissful with, which didn't turn out as such for me, but will work great for Maura (once I finish putting the fasteners on it).  Also unlike Blissful, this one seems like it's going to fit me.  So far.  While working on this project, I've been neglecting this one:


This is the sock for Ray that I've been picking up between projects.  I'm not sure what is keeping me away from it, I think I may be a little burnt out on socks, but I really want to finish it them for him.  Yes, this is only the first one.  At this rate he MAY have them for Christmas.  We'll see.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Technical Difficulties

On Sunday I wrote a post on Live Writer about the last shipment of 7DS, full of pictures and everything. Something is wrong with the internet connection in our area and it's not letting me upload it at all. A technician is coming by on Thurs. to take a look at it. Hopefully they can do something about this, because it's affecting all three of our computers and also Ray's Xbox. Our connection is also really slow at times, one page took almost three minutes to load! Ugh! Ray thinks that maybe they're bandwidth shaping, but he did a download test on someone elses router in our building and they were going slow as well. I may just breakdown and take my computer somewhere with free wireless to upload the post. Sorry to keep you in suspense. ;)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Story Time

I wrote a short story for a contest for the yarn club I'm in (7DS, button on the side there).  The story had to be no more than 300 words (which mine is exactly) and had to end with the sentence "...and s/he saw the sloth wrap and dangle the scarf from its neck."  Sloth being the theme of this next shipment.  I found it challenging to keep the story under 300 words (I tend to ramble and over explain things), but did manage to do it.  My inspiration for the story (and it's macabre theme) came from my friend Jason who often writes anecdotal stories about cute insects and animals and their true nature.  So anyway, without further ado.......

Penelope, the praying mantis, and Midge, the sloth, were at their usual game. Penelope would run up to the very top of the tree and pick all the best fruits and nuts and place them on Midge’s belly, this way Midge could just hang around in her favorite spot all day. In return, Penelope got free run of all the insects and bugs in the tree. This made both of them very happy and plump.

One day, as Penelope was crawling around on Midge searching for parasites to eat she got some of Midge’s hair stuck on her legs. As she wound her legs around to try and free herself she noticed that certain movements made the hair fibers “lock” together. Being the curious and creative mantis that she was, she decided to collect some of Midges hair and repeat this motion to see what would happen. She quickly realized that doing this created a long piece of fabric.

Penelope decided to make a present for her friend Midge. She would make a strip of fabric out of Midge’s hair that she could wrap around herself. Penelope would call this strip of fabric a scarf. Midge would love it because Penelope worked so hard on it. And she did work on it. A lot. She soon became obsessed with making this scarf and was no longer bringing food for Midge.

This didn’t make Midge very happy. She was too lazy to get up for food and Penelope was right there, well-fed on insects. Midge reached out and picked up Penelope to put her in her mouth, scarf still in hand. She cried out, but to no avail. She made one last attempt to escape from Midge’s mouth and she saw the sloth wrap and dangle the scarf from her neck.


p.s.  I got the shipment today.  I shall take pictures of it and post my thoughts tomorrow. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Productive Weekend


First off, I'd like to thank everyone that commented on my last post.  It meant a lot to Ray and I to know that so many people were thinking of us and of Zombie too.  The house just isn't the same without her and I think even Sam (reluctant as they were to like each other) misses having her around.  Oh, she was such a sweetheart.

Well like a lot of grieving people, I tried to keep myself busy, so as to keep my mind off things.  Aside from going for several bike rides, breakfasts, dinners, and movies this weekend; I also worked on some knitting projects.


This is an inner tube from Ray's bike tire that went flat this weekend.  I had seen inner tubes made into straps for bags before, but just never had one lying around.  I attached it to the Spork Felted Courier Bag that I knit ages  a while ago and never got around to finishing.  Well, technically it's still not done.  I need to put the buckles on the flaps still, but it's a little closer.  And now I have a motive for finishing it too, this bag is going to be sold at the market.  I have a gajillion bags and I don't really need another one.  Plus the money will help to pay for Zombie's final medical bills.  Not the most cheery of causes, but necessary none the less.

In the there's-no-way-this-going-to-be-anyone-else's category of knitting news:


Ewww, what the hell is that?!!  And why would you want to keep it?!  Well, "that" is just over 100 yds of Malabrigo super bulky thick & thin (color: Rosa viejo) knitted into a scarf that kind of looks like a really pretty tape worm.  That is until you do this:


Ahhhhhh.  Much better.  This is the Alpine Cable Scarf from Andrea Tung's Hats, Mittens, & Scarves Deck.  It knits up really quick (which is good for the crazy person that decides she just has to knit a Malabrigo scarf in the middle of summer), and looks great once it is blocked.  I'm not sure how well it will keep it's shape once I'm wearing it for a while, but I won't have to worry about that for at least 3 more months (fingers crossed).

I've also started working on the second half of my Seven Deadly Ribs Wrist Warmers, and after trying to follow my own pattern realized that I am an idiot.  I totally had to fix the whole pattern, and it's still not quite how I want it.  However, I can live with it because it's pretty much my first real design pattern.  Plus I'm too lazy to go through and figure out how to make that crazy cable cross in the other direction (I have a feeling it would require starting the 1x1 rib with a purl instead of a knit.  Don't ask me why, apparently working on that pattern immediately turns off my brain and I can't even figure out the simplest repeat.)  I'll have pictures of those up when they're done and Maura has had a chance to photograph them properly.

Well, it's now late and my bed is calling.  Off to cuddle a kitty.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008



Zombie (aka Zombers, Princess, & Zombelina)  1994-2008


She was tiny, bright-eyed, and could cuddle longer than any cat I know.  She loved her purple velvet pillow, and sitting in laps.  She purred like a motor boat stuck on high.  And she was oh so tiny.

She passed away peacefully at the vets office in the arms of the two people who cared for her most.

We'll miss you Zombie, you'll always have a special spot on our laps.



Monday, June 9, 2008

Then along came you



Hello again!  It's been a little while since the last post.  I know, you guys hear that a lot from me.  The truth is, I enjoy blogging I just don't enjoy the process.  Typing in a tiny window, inserting and resizing pictures (after waiting several minutes for them to download) and trying to drag them around in said tiny window.  I guess that is probably the most annoying part.  The pictures.  I love having them in my blog, but it's really annoying/time-consuming to insert them with the format that blogger uses. 

Enter:  Windows Live Writer!  It makes the whole process much easier and faster, well as far as I know anyway.  I haven't published this post yet, but aside from any problems with that then it will be awesome!  When I post, I'm posting on a template that looks just like my blog page (no more text not lining up with pictures because of sizing conflicts) and inserting pictures is as simple as selecting the file from my pictures folder.  There's also more options for customizing my posts as well, but I'll explore those later.  For now, I'm just glad to have fallen "in like" with my blogging experience again.

On to stuff!  The picture above is the basket that I made in a class with some friends of mine at Baskets of Yarn.  It was a lot of fun, and a little easier than I thought it would be.  It also took longer than I thought it would, but next time I will come prepared with some snacks or something.

In the basket is some gorgeous hand-dyed merino, Mirasol Hacho, that I picked up at Bella Lana when Ray and I went to Minneapolis in April.  I have no idea what it will be yet, although a few different ideas have floated by.  Any thoughts?  I have three skeins at 137 yds working up at 22 st in 4 in. on sz. 6 needles.  I've looked at Ravelry and most of the projects on there have been socks, baby clothes, or sweaters that I don't have nearly enough yarn for.  I could probably make a scarf or a few hats, but I wanted something a little more creative than that.  I may just need to wait until the Fall Knitty comes out, their warmer patterns are usually pretty good.

I have a few projects I'm working on that I would have pictures of, but we had really crappy weather this weekend, so the lighting wasn't that good.  Maybe next time!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Seven Deadly Ribs Wrist Warmers (Free Pattern!)

The Seven Deadly Ribs Wrist Warmer

I designed these wrist warmers with yarn that
I received from the Seven Deadly S(p)ins yarn
club. The cable contains seven twisted rib stitches, each one standing for each sin. The palm is basic stockinette stitch and there is some shaping above the wrist to really hug your hand. I used the picot bind off from the Fetching Fingerless gloves on Knitty, and it seems to give the right amount of "edginess" to the pattern.

Edited on 7/13/08: I must have been on crack when I wrote this, because I made a lot of mistakes. Actually I just made the same one over and over, but it definitely affects the pattern. I'll highlight the changes for anyone that has already printed this off. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. :)

Yarn: The Unique Sheep Pima Petite (100% Peruvian Cotton; 2 oz/150 yds) 1 skein, Peace

Needles: US 3 straight, or size needed to get gauge

Stitch markers
Cable Needle
Tapestry Needle

Gauge: 20sts and 32 rows = 4 in.

tbl- through back loop
ktfbl- knit through front and back loop
13-st rib RC- slip 6 st to cable needle, hold in back, [K1 tbl, P1] 3 times, K1 tbl, cont in rib from cn as foll: [p1, k1 tbl] 3 times.

Left Glove

CO 36 st. (leave a long tail for sewing up the side)
K1, P1 for 6 rows
Row 1: K3, [K1 tbl, P1] 6 times, K1 tbl, K20
Row 2: P17, K3, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K3
rep rows 1 and 2; 3 times.

Cable Rows:
K3, 13-st rib RC, K20
P17, K3, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K3

Row 1: K3, [K1 tbl, P1] 6 times, K1 tbl, K20
Row 2: P17, K3, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K3
rep rows 1 and 2; 3 times.

Increase Rows:
Row 1: K1, ktfbl, K1, [K1 tbl, P1] 6 times, K1 tbl, K2, ktfbl, K15,
ktfbl, K1
Row 2: P18, K4, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K4
Row 3: K1, ktfbl, K2, [K1 tbl, P1] 6 times, K1 tbl, K3, ktfbl, K16,
ktfbl, K1
Row 4: P19, K5, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K5
Row 5: K5, [13-st rib RC], K24
Row 6: P19, K5, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K5
Row 7: K5, [K1 tbl, P1] 6 times, K1 tbl, K24
Row 8: P19, K5, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K5
rep rows 7 and 8; 4 times.
rep rows 5 and 6 once.
rep rows 7 and 8; 5 times.

Picot Bind Off:
BO 5 sts, [slip st on right needle back to left needle; CO 1 st using Cable Cast On, BO 6 sts] until all sts have been bound off.

Cut yarn with enough length to sew down to your thumb.

Fold piece in half, right sides together. Starting at the top, graft the sides together stopping after about an inch (or desired length). Weave in end. Using tail yarn, sew up from the bottom for about 2 in. (or desired length). Weave in end.

Right Glove

For the right glove, you can change the cable to be opposite from the other glove by holding the cable needle to the front instead of the back.
Since this is an odd numbered cable, this doesn't work like I thought it would. I'm fine with my cables going in the same direction, how about you?

CO 36 st. (leave a long tail for sewing up the side)
K1, P1 for 6 rows
Row 1: K20, [K1 tbl, P1] 6 times, K1tbl, K3
Row2: K3, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K3, P17
rep rows 1 and 2; 3 times

Cable Rows:
K20, 13-st rib RC, K3
K3, [P1tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K3, P17

Row 1: K20, [K1tbl, P1] 6 times, K1 tbl, K3
Row 2: K3, [P1tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K3, P17
rep rows 1 and 2; 3 times

Increase Rows:
Row 1: K1, ktfbl, K15, ktfbl, K2, [K1tbl, P1] 6 times, K1 tbl, K1, ktfbl, K1
Row 2: K4, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K4, P18
Row 3: K1, ktfbl, K16, ktfbl, K3, [K1 tbl, P1] 6 times, K1 tbl, K2, ktfbl, K1
Row 4: K5, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K5, P19
Row 5: K24, [13-st rib RC], K5
Row 6: K5, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K5, P19
Row 7: K24, [K1 tbl, P1] 6 times, K1 tbl, K5
Row 8: K5, [P1 tbl, K1] 6 times, P1 tbl, K5, P19
rep rows 7 and 8; 4 times.
rep rows 5 and 6 once.
rep rows 7 and 8; 5 times.

Use Picot Bind Off to finish. Follow instructions from left glove to sew seam.

Block item and enjoy!!

This pattern hasn't been test knitted yet. Please let me know if anything is wrong or if the instructions are unclear.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Handling Wrath

A while ago I got the second shipment in the 7DS club. This time it was Wrath. A damn fine sin, it certainly has it's place. Especially in a yarn club themed around it and it's six other counterparts, right? Well, I thought so too, except the people in charge apparently didn't agree. I think they might have thought that Wrath was a little too "negative" (HELLO! It's a sin! It's supposed to be negative!), and decided that Wrath's opposite, Peace, would make a better yarn package.

Okay? Peace. What makes me feel at peace? Well, yarn. Lots of yarn, lots of soft, silky, fluffy, pretty, finger-petting good yarn. Hmmm, what else? Chocolate, coffee, sweaters, chocolate, wine, and yarn. Okay. A kit with lots of soft, fluffy yarn with a pattern for a small shrug or capelet, a little chocolate, a sample of coffee (wine might not pack well). Yeah, I guess that could work.

So, what is THEIR idea of Peace? Well, it's certainly not as much about yarn as mine is. It's more about baths (which I do find peaceful, just not in my tiny tub) and decaf tea. They did get the chocolate right though. That was a damn tasty chocolate sheep. All three bites of him. Anyway, so of course to relax with all this bath stuff sent to me by my yarn club; they supplied me with 150 yds of delicious pima cotton in a very pretty pale blue (not as much yardage as I would find peaceful, but they claim it will be made up for in later shipments) to knit a wash cloth (with a sheep on it of course) and a soap sack. Well, I'm just not the washcloth type, and if I use a bar soap, then I've taken to felting them.

What this means it that I had to come up with a use for this yarn and I wanted turn the theme back to where it was supposed to go, Wrath.

Behold! The Seven Deadly Ribs Wrist Warmers and Choke(r) on some Wrath! (clicky make biggy)

I made up the pattern for the wrist warmers, but the choker is from pieKnits site (she has some other really cute stuff too!)

I'll post the pattern for the wrist warmers in a separate post (I'm going to link this pattern to my ravelry and the 7DS forum, and while I spoke up about being unhappy about the shipment, I don't want to throw it in their faces in the form of a link to an alternative idea) with a few more pictures. I also haven't finished the second one yet and need to make sure that there are no major changes that need to be made to the pattern for the second one.

In other news, a while ago I signed up to be a test knitter for a vintage stitch pattern book that Lime & Violet (or someone affiliated with them) are putting together and just got an email today saying that I'm in! I'm pretty excited, it doesn't pay money but I get to keep any yarn left over. I'm definitely cool with that!

And speaking of getting I got a raise at work (a pretty substantial one too) and couldn't be more happy. I can now afford to pay all of my bills (on time even!), set some money aside in savings, and maybe even have a little left over to play with! My boss (and my job) kick ass!

Ok, I'm gonna go start another headband for the market this week. G'night!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Guess I kinda forgot.

Sorry about that. So the secret thing I was working on was a made-from-scratch red velvet cake for my friend Heather who is now living in Mankato, MN. We (read: The Thursday Night Knitting Group) were throwing her a surprise going away party and she reads my blog so I couldn't say anything about it. We held this party under the guise of an "assembly" party for the scarf squares that we have made for each other. Anyway here are some pictures (click on them to make them bigger) of all that fun:

This is Heather with her cake and wearing her Kick-Ass Bitch Scarf, aka K.A.B.S. (so dubbed by me, just now. we came up with several different names for the project, but none of them seemed to stick. I think it's because they didn't have enough swear words in them ;) She is also posing with several spent bottles of wine, which we all helped to drink. And it was delicious.

This is Maura with her scarf (my square is the one in the upper left side!) and Jason in the background looking suspicious about something. He must be talking to Karen! (just kidding Karen!)

Janet, hiding among the greenery, modeling her scarf (mine is the blueish-green one).

Here's Betty, looking sooo cute! Just like her scarf!

Betty is helping Karen model her scarf (which matched her outfit beautifully!).

And this is me with my scarf. It is very toasty and the weather was even nice(?) enough to give me several days to warrant wearing it. Joy!

And what's a good party without boys?!

Here, Jason is showing us the proper use of a knitted pillow in progress. That's what I've been doing wrong!

Matt is totally jamming out with his crochet self.

Andrew (Betty's husband) watched us all be crazy and didn't judge us. He gets a huge medal for that alone!

Max provided cuteness and tech support, he's quite efficient with the hunt 'n peck.

It was a very fun night and we're sad to see Heather go, but we know we'll see her again soon.

Ok, off to look up crochet patterns!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just a little bit

I did something awesome today. I can't share what it is yet, it's not done, but pictures have been taken and you shall all know soon. He, he, heeee.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

1 sin down, 6 more to go.

They are done! And they match perfectly, well as perfectly as I want them to anyway. Too perfect and they wouldn't have any character. So, I love them and I'm going to have to come up with an outfit to show them off. Or at least find some shoes that'll do them justice.

The colors and striping on the toes remind me of easter eggs, which make me think of chocolate bunnies. Mmmmm, chocolate.

I had enough of all the colors in the end, I have only a few yards of #1 and #4, but quite a bit of #2 and #3. I need to come up with a small (less than 100 yards) project for them, but haven't thought of anything yet.

Now I'm working on Betty's square for her scarf, the final square! Then we're going to get together at Betty's house one night and have a wine, food, and scarf-assembling party! It'll be so much fun.

After I'm done with Betty's square I'm going to start designing items to sell at the farmer's market this summer. Ethan got a spot for Maura and I to sell (her) handspun yarn, and (our) knitted items. I think she's going to focus on scarves and hats (?) from her handspun and I'm going to try and come up with some household items as well as some accessories. I'm pretty excited, Ray even offered to learn how to felt so he could help me out. I know how he is, and I'm really glad he offered to help, it means he supports what I'm doing. I also don't think he'll really "get into" felting items and will probably help out with a few and bow out. That's okay though, in this case it really is the thought that counts. I love him!

And, just because I forgot to do it last time I had a photo shoot, here is a picture of Sam. Always watching, always grumpy, ALWAYS cute! (I love him too!)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let them eat cake. (no really, they can have mine)

Ah, birthdays. Another year gone by and another begun. I wish that I had something deep and philosophical to say. I'll probably come up with something later as I'm trying to fall asleep, and it will probably be someone else's. As for my original thoughts, they usually lean towards food. As pictured below.

What we have here is a very typical looking cake. A yellow coconut cake with boiled coconut frosting, sprinkled with (yes) coconut. (I have quite a bit of coconut left over from holiday baking and I need to use it.) Yes, it looks like a normal cake, it even smells like one. However, this is my first attempt at a "from scratch" cake and I'm a little disappointed in myself.

I should have known that something was wrong when the batter was the consistency of cookie dough, and the frosting was the consistency of wet batter. I followed those instructions (Jen was there to witness and she is willing to testify) and didn't miss any ingredients. However, I think I have yet to learn what some of the baking terms actually mean (i.e. the result they should produce). When I had to (quite literally) spread the "batter" around to fit the 13x9 pan, Jen and I decided that we would just tell everyone we were making coconut BARS.

Well, that's pretty much how it turned out. The cake didn't rise at all and weighs about 5 lbs. (not an actual measurement, but I'm willing to wager a slice of it) Ray had quite a time trying to cut through the density of it. It's moist, but it's a very thick, heavy moist. More like a cookie. It's very coconut-y though. The frosting is also a bit rich for my taste, and has to be refrigerated or it melts off the "cake".

I'm seeing this as a challenge and am determined to make an acceptable birthday cake (I know several people who have one coming up. Don't worry, I won't force you to eat any "failures"). This cake is edible and is actually very good if you don't expect it to be cake. You just can't eat very much because it hits you like a brick.

At least the pizza was good. And I have a cinnamon roll left over from breakfast that I think I'll enjoy tomorrow. I've had enough baked goods for this evening.

(p.s. Ray got me a very pretty flower. I'm not usually one for them, but I think this is the most perfect looking rose anyone has ever given me. I love it.)

(p.p.s. The recipe came from, I've used it for cookies before. Usually pretty good)