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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Handling Wrath

A while ago I got the second shipment in the 7DS club. This time it was Wrath. A damn fine sin, it certainly has it's place. Especially in a yarn club themed around it and it's six other counterparts, right? Well, I thought so too, except the people in charge apparently didn't agree. I think they might have thought that Wrath was a little too "negative" (HELLO! It's a sin! It's supposed to be negative!), and decided that Wrath's opposite, Peace, would make a better yarn package.

Okay? Peace. What makes me feel at peace? Well, yarn. Lots of yarn, lots of soft, silky, fluffy, pretty, finger-petting good yarn. Hmmm, what else? Chocolate, coffee, sweaters, chocolate, wine, and yarn. Okay. A kit with lots of soft, fluffy yarn with a pattern for a small shrug or capelet, a little chocolate, a sample of coffee (wine might not pack well). Yeah, I guess that could work.

So, what is THEIR idea of Peace? Well, it's certainly not as much about yarn as mine is. It's more about baths (which I do find peaceful, just not in my tiny tub) and decaf tea. They did get the chocolate right though. That was a damn tasty chocolate sheep. All three bites of him. Anyway, so of course to relax with all this bath stuff sent to me by my yarn club; they supplied me with 150 yds of delicious pima cotton in a very pretty pale blue (not as much yardage as I would find peaceful, but they claim it will be made up for in later shipments) to knit a wash cloth (with a sheep on it of course) and a soap sack. Well, I'm just not the washcloth type, and if I use a bar soap, then I've taken to felting them.

What this means it that I had to come up with a use for this yarn and I wanted turn the theme back to where it was supposed to go, Wrath.

Behold! The Seven Deadly Ribs Wrist Warmers and Choke(r) on some Wrath! (clicky make biggy)

I made up the pattern for the wrist warmers, but the choker is from pieKnits site (she has some other really cute stuff too!)

I'll post the pattern for the wrist warmers in a separate post (I'm going to link this pattern to my ravelry and the 7DS forum, and while I spoke up about being unhappy about the shipment, I don't want to throw it in their faces in the form of a link to an alternative idea) with a few more pictures. I also haven't finished the second one yet and need to make sure that there are no major changes that need to be made to the pattern for the second one.

In other news, a while ago I signed up to be a test knitter for a vintage stitch pattern book that Lime & Violet (or someone affiliated with them) are putting together and just got an email today saying that I'm in! I'm pretty excited, it doesn't pay money but I get to keep any yarn left over. I'm definitely cool with that!

And speaking of getting I got a raise at work (a pretty substantial one too) and couldn't be more happy. I can now afford to pay all of my bills (on time even!), set some money aside in savings, and maybe even have a little left over to play with! My boss (and my job) kick ass!

Ok, I'm gonna go start another headband for the market this week. G'night!

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dmarks said...

Oh cool! Another Hiawatha Valley knitting blog. While I am interested in the Hiawatha Valley, I am not very interested in knitting. But the mention of Lumley in your profile sure caught my eye.