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Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a Quick Word

I'm about to shove off to bed, but before I do I want to pass the word to those that may not have caught wind of this yet.  There is a new online knitting magazine up and running.  The patterns are not free :(  but they are gorgeous enough for me to not care.  The articles are pretty informative, especially the one by Cat Bordhi and an amazing new way to knit a sock (I swear that woman could find a way to knit a bicycle into a sock!).  The layout is really cool too, you just click on the sidebar to "turn" the page.  Probably the most beautiful feature though (besides the lovely patterns) is the photography (ATTENTION: MAURA!!!!), they divide the sections of patterns up into themes, just have to see for yourself.  They're so much fun!

Anyway, this is my obsession: Wisteria.  I've been searching online for a yarn that will work that won't make the sweater be $60.  I think I can do Knit Picks Swish for about $40, but I don't know what the yarn feels like.  Has anyone used it?  Is it soft and "sweaterable"?  There are also a few other patterns that I want to make, but this one will be first (if I make any, that is). 

So there, go forth and drool!