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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Reveal

So I’ve been sitting on a secret.  One that I couldn’t reveal until today.  It’s been pretty hard not to talk about, but I didn’t think I could say anything until I had a link to give.  (This is kind of a lie, I’ve already gushed to my close friends about it, but they are good at keeping secrets.)

Today, I am amongst the elite.  Cookie A., Norah Gaughn, Annie Modesitt, Veronik Avery, Kate Gilbert, etc. are all gathered in the same location as me.  If you don’t know any of these names, then this next bit of news might not be a big deal to you, but I’m wetting myself. 

The news:  I have been published in KNITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course my pattern doesn’t rival the genius of the aforementioned designers, but I’m just glad to be swimming in the pool with them.  My pattern is in the Summer ‘09 issue as a part of the Head-start on the Holidays edition.  So not only am I in Knitty, but I’m part of a brand new feature for the magazine!

I shall not take all the glory however.  My beautiful friend, Maura, took all the gorgeous photographs of my project.  Pictures weigh heavily in the decision to include a pattern, so I’m very grateful to have such a talented photographer to call upon.

I’m so proud of us!  Go check it out and make some of the awesome patterns (mine too if you want) that are featured.  If you don’t knit, check it out anyway and marvel at the amazingness of all these wonderful designers!