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Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Sweet Gluttony!

YAY! I got my first shipment from the 7 Deadly S(p)ins Club! It's got four 25g skeins in gradually escalating colors. You end up knitting a little from each skein to create a rainbow effect. It's really cool. Keeping in the theme of Gluttony, there was also a bag full of Jelly Belly beans (which had broken open in shipping, but it was a bag-in-a-bag deal, so no waste), a set of sock stitch holders (can never have too many of those), a Woolgirl (the store I signed up through) pen, and a little something else that I'm not going to divulge because I think it may be someone's birthday present. ;)

The sock pattern was designed by Kelly Eells and is really cool. It looks kind of like a broken rib of sorts. With the color changes it's really neat.

I still have my square to finish for Thursday, but I don't think I'll be able to resist casting this on. I guess having more projects going than I can work on at once would also be keeping in the theme!

P.S. the jelly belly's were gone before this post was finished! :)


Little Hen Knits said...

I think as a graduation present to myself I am going to sign up for one these. that is really pretty sock yarn!!!!

grimmzombie said...

Gluttony, indeed! Yee hit the mother-load, ye did! Yarr!