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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Now with 30% less cat squeezage!

This bowl of fun was a clearance purchase from Midnightsky Fibers. I got the whole lot (not including the bowl) for $30! The very colorful stuff in front is more of an "art yarn" (or what looks to be scraps tied together), but they aren't very big and the other skeins COMPLETELY make up for what lack of usability (they may prove themselves useful after a closer inspection) the art yarns may have. Anyway, I couldn't pass it up, not at that price.

In other (knitting) news, I've started the second Gluttony sock and am a little disappointed at the pooling in the top area (but not enough to rip back!), but such is the uniqueness of hand-made socks. The second color didn't pool and I just started merging the third (and am about to start the heel), so we'll see how the rest of it goes.

I had the day off today and went out for breakfast this morning with Maura. She met me at my house and we walked downtown. It was really nice, and the food was scrumptious! Afterward, we headed over to Jule's and had coffee and knitted/talked until she had to go to work. I have to say that if we hadn't gone out I probably would have slept until 11 and just had cereal in my p.j.'s (which is actually my usual day off ritual, and is quite nice also), but it was good to get up early (for a day off) and have the whole day ahead of me. Even if I did use it to do laundry and take pictures of yarn. Sam was thrilled that I hung out upstairs in the bedroom (it gets the best light during the day), and rewarded me with all sorts of cute poses that made me want to hug him until his innards came out. I didn't though.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I think I have a lunch date with Jen and Brenna (I shall have to call tonight to confirm). Also, I think I might make myself a birthday cake from scratch, although I'm not sure what kind yet and I think I should probably go out and get some eggs. There probably aren't too many decadent cakes that don't have eggs. Ray has to work tomorrow, but we are going to have my favorite pizza (One Sun Bakery Spinach & Garlic, from the Co-op) and perhaps a movie or something.

The real party is going to be next Saturday when Jason, Janet, and I are having a birthday bowling bash! All of our birthdays fall within a week of each other (Apr. 1, 11, & Mar. 30, respectively) and we thought we'd just combine partys. Although the definite location and time is yet to be established, I believe All Star Lanes was suggested and the evening was preferred. More on that when it's been confirmed.

Right. Time to find cake recipes and knit some more.

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Kelly said...

I like to watch the pooling and spiraling of hand dyed yarns when making socks. I like mismatched funky socks (can you guess from the Gluttony sock?:))
On other garments, pooling is not so desirable, so I usually grab the other end of the ball and work from both ends and alternate every few rows with each end. That generally helps to stop any unwanted pooling, flashing and spiraling.