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Friday, March 6, 2009

Hey Big Haircut!


Yay!  I got my hairs cut today!  My (awesome) friend, Leah, does hair and nails down at the Orange Pearl Salon (call and make an appointment with her and tell her I sent you, she'll give you a great head massage!) in La Crosse.    She gives great cut.  Much better cut than I do pictures, but here are a few more anyway.



Sam approves (as much as his grumpy nature will allow anyway).  I also went to see The Watchmen today.  I won't say too much, since I know a few people that read this haven't seen it yet.  I'll just say.......hmmmh (that's a pensive hmmmh, not a pompous hmmmh) and ouch.  Take that how you may.


delirium said...

Hey! Looks cuuute!

Akopa said...

I love how you and Sam seem to be looking at the same thing from similar angles:

Zombiecat: See that Sam?

Sam: What? Ah yes, now I can see what you're talking about.