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Monday, March 23, 2009

How Well Do You Know Me?


Would I wear this?


If you answered “HAH!”, then you are right.  This certainly is not a pattern that I would ever pick out for myself (but perhaps for those I don’t like), but then again, I didn’t.  No, this pattern happens to be part of the final shipment of the 7 Deadly Spins Club.  This, my friends, is Lust.

DSCF4140 From the insert*:

…designed a knit and crochet embellished combination scarf (I beg to differ on this being a scarf) to satisfy your “lust” for both techniques, and even added in some special pearl bead touches (pearl beads, on my neck?  you shouldn’t have, really, you SHOULDN’T have.  my brain is way too far in the gutter to have pearls on my neck.  I’d never stop blushing, and if you know me, you know that’s true.)  The yarn being used- Unique Sheep Verve in American Beauty Rose (great color and yardage) and Luxe in Lusty Pink and Leaf Green complete the design for a gorgeous finished scarf (again, ?)

It kind of goes on like that, explaining why this project fulfills my craft “lust”.  While I’m sure this project would be fun to make, and I do like making little crocheted flowers, I just wouldn’t be able to look at the end product with a straight face.  In this patterns (meager) defense, the pearl beads are optional. 

Aside from the pattern clearly not aimed at me, the yarn is very lovely.  The color of the red isn’t really accurate in the picture.  It’s a much more rose-colored red, with shots of reddish-purple.  And there’s 400 yds of it!  The pink and green are also very pretty and I’m sure I’ll find something cute to make with this yarn.  Thrown in with the project supplies was a bag of hershey’s kisses and some lip balm.

I was a little disappointed that they decided to re-use two yarn bases in this shipment, Verve (Gluttony) and Luxe (Pride).  I would have really liked to have seen a new base featured (like Singularity in Silk, Silk Twist, or Sashimi.  Any of these would have fit Lust in my eyes).  However, they did pick the yarns from my two favorite projects, so I know I like them. 

So, would I join again?  No.  While I enjoyed not knowing what/how the sin would be each month, I have realized that my mind/tastes are far more sinister than those in charge of this club.  There were definitely plenty of people that were/are pleased with all of their shipments, but I am one of the few that feels let down.

I will definitely be buying Unique Sheep yarn (the yarn was never a disappointment), and when I do so I’ll be purchasing it through Woolgirl (the shop I signed up for the club through).  She carries all different lines of yarn and has a really good selection.  However, I am going to be very weary of signing up for any themed clubs from now on, unless I’ve seen how they tend to interpret them.  This was my first club, and I learned a lot about how to select them and I did have fun talking with others on the boards.

So this is me, and now you know.  (take it away Jason….)

*I left the designers name out because I’m not attacking her personally, I’ve seen her other patterns and really like a lot of them.  Just not this one.


Akopa said...

I suppose someone could give you a string of pearls...if they were talented and had good control.

Mrs. Swank said...


Michele / akkasha said...

Wow. Okay. I am *definitely* glad I opted out of the club.

I really don't get their *spin* on the themes. I was also hoping for something more sinister and dark given the theme.

I am glad you like the yarn and can use it for something else. 'cause that is one project I just don't see going well.

I really didn't think I would sign up for another club after 7DS. However, I signed up for the Vampire Yarn Club with Fresh from the Cauldron. The dyer created 25+ colorways (about 10+ are club exclusives). And I was able to choose the colorways I wanted. So it is good. I am looking forward to the first shipment.