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Monday, March 9, 2009

A Gift From A Friend

My friend, Maura, went to visit our friend, Heather, in Mankato, MN this last weekend.  We had planned on going together, but work has kept me from being able to go out of town this month.  So, Maura took her first trip (since living in WI) out of town by herself to visit a friend.  It sounds like she had a really fun time, and I can't wait until we can go together and get into some crazy shenanigans.

At one of the several yarn shops they went to, Maura saw some fiber that she knew I would love.  So, being the awesome and wonderful friend that she is, she bought it for me.  Squee!


It's gorgeous, soft, shiny, and SOFT!  Leave it to Maura.  She knew that I was kind of jonesing for some fiber so she brought me a fix!  I love her.  Check this out:



But, you know, she gave this to me on Saturday night.  And I had Sunday off.  Do you see where this is going?  Well, if not, I'll help you out.


This was spun on my Louet drop spindle.  It's a worsted to bulky weight yarn and is approx. 38 yds.  I'm thinking I might be getting a new spindle for my birthday, one that is lighter.  So then I'll be able to spin thinner weights, and therefore make my fiber go a little further.  I also need to work on not over spinning as well.  I tend to get parts of the yarn that coil up on themselves.  This yarn is still really soft though and I think it will make a very nice neck warmer.  Or something.  I could really use a cute crochet mesh hat to go with my new haircut and the soon-to-be-warming weather.  Hmmmm..... so many possibilities.  Want to see another one?  Okay, okay, here you go.



Michele / akkasha said...

It looks great. It looks very consistent. I am impressed you are able to have singles that work at all. I have been spinning a while and still haven't done singles.

Akopa said...

Holy Bejeezus that was fast. On my days off it takes me a couple of hours just to figure out how many naps I'm going to take with the cats.

Anonymous said...

OoooOOooh! Very nice. You could have made a purple sort of wig out of the fiber, but I think spun it will serve a better purpose.