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Sunday, February 24, 2008

This, That, and the Other Thing

"This" is one of the Diamante socks I started before Christmas. I put it down just after finishing the toe and had done about two pattern repeats, Christmas knitting took over and lasted through the middle of January. "This" is being put on hold until "That" and "the Other Thing" are done.

"That" is the beginnings of my square for the TNKG scarf. It's from my Modular Knits book which I've been dying to try some thing out of. This seemed like a good opportunity to try one of the simple patterns, that would still be interesting enough for a gift square. The yarn is GGH (Garn Grosshandel Hamburg) Maxima, 100% Merino Wool, in Dove Gray (#7). And yes, I realize the severe monochromaticism of this picture, and I kind of like it (although I'm going to attempt to add alternating strips of mauve patterned rows in the square. Perhaps I put off doing this a little too long, or maybe took on a larger task than I should have seeing as this has to be done by Thursday night. Oh well, if the Yarn Harlot can have project denial than the rest of us are entitled as well.)

"the Other Thing" is my square for the Tuesday Knitter's charity afghan mentioned in this post. I am almost done with it, but I think it may end up a little too long. I'm hoping some of the length will get taken up when the width is stretched in blocking.

So these are the things I've been working on over the last couple weeks (months).

I know some of you read the Daily Chum, and may already know about this, but they featured a charity called The House That Yarn Built. It's working in conjunction with the Make It Right Foundation to help build homes for Katrina victims. Yes, in these great United States we (and by "we" I mean our government) can go to war within hours and destroy countries within months, but it takes years and years to START helping our own citizens rebuild their lives after a natural disaster. Ahem, anyway. Christy, the woman who started THTYB, explains her reasons for doing this here, and is even giving away prizes in a drawing of donators, which she lists here, and here. I don't normally throw money at just any charity, I'd rather make/do something to directly help, but something about this charity spoke to me and I felt compelled to give. Oh wait, it was Brad Pitt greeting me on the home page and then "personally" thanking me for my donation. That's what it was. (well, it didn't hurt at least ;) Do what you will (or won't) with this. I know money is tight for everyone right now, I just thought I'd pass the good word along.

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