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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Simple DK Stripe Hat

Oh. My. Stars. It's a FREE pattern! Yay! I made this hat for a friend of mine to match his snowboard pants. I made it out of acrylic yarn for several reasons. One: I didn't want him to have to worry about washing instructions, I've learned my lesson on this. Two: He's going to be wearing it in the snow, so it's bound to get wet at some point (even if he never washes it, ew!) and needed to be able to stand up to that. Three: For an acrylic yarn this is actually pretty soft! The double knit helps provide thickness without it being bulky, and still has quite a bit of stretch.

Simple DK Stripe Hat

Size: 20"(will stretch to fit 22")

MC: Cascade Cherub Aran (55% Nylon 45% Acrylic; 100g 240 yd) 1 ball in #24 (bright yellow)
CC: Reynolds Utopia (100% Courtelle Acrylic; 100g 225 yd) 1 ball in #353 (charcoal gray)

US 8 (5mm) dpn
US 8 (5mm) 16" circular, or size needed to obtain gauge

Stitch markers
Yarn needle

4st. per in./6 rows per in. with two strands of MC held together in St st. on US 8

The double knit was kind of an after thought on this hat since the MC yarn is a little lighter weight than the CC yarn. I only used one strand of yarn for the ribbing (it curves in just a little at the bottom), but you could use two strands held together for a thicker rib.

CO 80 st. in CC on circular needles
pm and join
Work in K2, P2 rib for 6 rounds
Join in MC with 2 strands held together and knit for 9 rounds
Join in CC with 2 strands held together and knit for 3 rounds (break yarn)
Carry up MC and continue in St st. until piece measures 5.5 in.

pm every 16 st (use a different color stitch marker for the first one placed, this will be your new beginning stitch indicator)
Begin decrease round:
Row 1: *K to 2 st. before marker, K2tog, sm, ssk, repeat from * to 2 stitches before first marker placed.
Row 2: K around to 2 st. before first marker
Row 3: *K2tog, sm, ssk, K to 2 st. before marker, repeat from * to 2 stitches before first marker

Rep. rows 2 & 3; 7 times
Break yarn and draw through live stitches, pull tight and weave in all ends.

This is my first "translated" (from my crazy brain) knitting pattern so I hope it reads clearly. It hasn't been tested by anyone, but if you come across any errors while making it please let me know.

I hope you like my model, the hat was a little too big for Ray's head and R2D2 was more than willing to provide his dome.

Thanks R2!


Mrs. Swank said...

That, my friend, is a fine-looking hat ....

.... even though it _is_ bright frakkin' yellow! :)

Anonymous said...

Charlie Brown would be totally down with that hat, though R2 is looking mighty stylin' in it!