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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sugar High

Halloween can really knock the wind out of you. All that candy kind of put me in a sugar coma, albeit a functioning coma. I did things, I remember doing and saying things, but it was fueled by that most flavorful of elixirs, chocolate.

In this sugary haze, I completed my Coronet hat, fixed and finished Ray's binary hat, played a little Guitar Hero 3, watched people play a lot of Guitar Hero 3, closed my account at my ex-bank, and celebrated with Mr. D's donuts (I started crashing and had to get one more fix).

My celebration ended this morning when I ate my half of the apple fritter I bought for Ray and I. If you ever want to know what a $5 donut is like first of all, it tastes delicious. Second, it is about 1 foot across. Yes, you heard me correctly. This fritter was the size of a nice dinner plate! It only took me most of the morning to eat my half of it. I would have taken a picture of it, but I'm not really feeling up to loading pictures onto this thing today.

Therefore, this post will have a few links but, sadly, nothing pretty to look at. I think I'm coming down from my "fritter high". I just had a really ridiculous argument with Ray about talking on my speaker phone (apparently my speaker phone sucks and he can't hear me when I'm on it, I may need to invest in one of those blue tooth jobbys), and I'm feeling tired and irritable. And apathetic. Oh my god, I'm reverting to my 16 year-old self! Ok, no more donuts or sugary snacks for the rest of the day, and maybe the weekend. We'll see. Coffee doesn't count though, I think I may have to go make some more.

I think I'll spend this afternoon listening to the new Lime N' Violet podcast and working on my afghan square (mine is the second one up on the right) for my Tuesday night knitting group.

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Mrs. Swank said...

mmmm ... apple friiiittterrrr.

I need to get me one of those ...