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Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh, hey, it's Monday

So I had a very relaxing weekend at home on my couch. Just me, my computer, and my knitting. And episode 2 (season 2) of Dexter, which was really good. I'm really glad that I can be reading the second book on which the series was based and it's not following the same story line. It's like two different shows....but one's a book.

Ray and I played a few board games last night and after he decimated me in Sorry (I only got out of start twice, only to be "sorried" back in each time. He won the game and all my pieces were still in start) we played again and this time the game was more exciting. Particularly the part where I won. Then we tried to play Scrabble, but I always take forever to come up with words (lets see how well you do with L, X, H, G, I, R, Q, N, O. We were playing 9-piece to make the game go quicker). So we decided to take a walk instead. For about an hour.

It was fun, we walked past a consignment shop that keeps a little kitten in a cage in it's window. It was really kind of sad. It's not exactly torture, it's a HUGE cage, but I couldn't lock up a store at the end of the night with a cute little orange kitty mewing to be loved from behind bars. After we ran out of plans to break into the store and steal the kitty we continued on toward the river. Giant monstrosities are being built next to other ones in the form of clinical looking office buildings. Fountains are sprouting up everywhere (the idea of small water features right next to larger water features is somewhat puzzling), and measures are being taken to ensure the safety of our precious, youthful binge drinkers. Apparently we can solve our cities college drinking problem with chains and amusement-park-ride-line-style gating. Whoda thunkit?

Tonight was pretty relaxing as well. The highlight was definitely Ch. 3 of Heroes. This show just keeps sucking me in (although I must admit that this season has yet to make me squeal as much as the first, but I'm patient, and I know it will happen), and the story just keeps getting more rich. If you're not watching this show, well, shame on you.

Well, that was that. And now I want to get back to knitting before I have to go to bed. Good night all. If I wake up tomorrow and can regenerate my skin or fly through the air, I promise this will be a much more interesting blog.

I'm just sayin.....


Anelida's Little Hen said...

poor little kitten.

Little Raven said...

Poor kitty.:-( All alone at night.