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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Commencement, Pride, and Relocation

Oh Blog.  So much has happened since we last spoke.  Much of it was not visually documented, but will be remembered for at least the next month or until someone reminds me of it.  The ironic thing is that if I spoke to you more frequently, you would remember it for me for all time.  Alas.

I do have some picture to feed you share with you though.  It’s been busy around here and doesn’t seem to be getting any calmer over the next couple weeks. 

First, my darling, sweetie-pie Ray graduated from college (with high honors!) on Friday with an Associates Degree in IT-Computer Network Specialist!


See, look how happy he is!  He’s worked so hard these last two years (and technically still has 3 generals to finish, but will be taken care of soon), and I’m so proud of him!

My parents and our friends Matt, Janet, and Jen joined us for a very long, boring ceremony (except when Ray walked on stage and we all screamed like banshees)  *he said he never heard us up there :(*  They are truly great friends.

Ray didn’t really feel like going out after a long, people-filled day.  So instead he and his friend (and fellow graduate) Cary did this:


Who knew Mormons drank and played Guitar Hero? 

Sam partied too, in his own way.


This machine runs on Kitty Power!

Ahhhhh, anyway.  It was a good night and I think we’re all glad it’s over.

Moving on, I finally finished my Pride shawl from way back when.  It was my first all lace project and it was really fun.  I think it turned out pretty nice.  Here it is before blocking:


I really like the cabled edge, and of course all the holes.  I even didn’t mind the cleverly disguised bobbles, called nupps.


Most of all, I love how the color changes.  It’s the gradiance line from The Unique Sheep.  From gold and orange/red, to pink and purple.  Beautiful!


I’ll probably be blocking this later this week when I have a day off, that way I can make sure it doesn’t become a cat bed.

Not that I’ve been overly talkative on here as of late, but that trend won’t be changing anytime soon.  We’re moving in a couple weeks and we have an amazing amount of “stuff”.  And it all needs packing.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of our new place (a slightly larger apartment, with the added bonus of a private basement!  One that DOESN’T have black mold growing in it!).  We’re pretty excited to be moving into a quieter area and away from all the college nonsense.

So the next time you hear from me, I might not have much hair left, but I should be relocated!

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Akopa said...

Wow, the shawl turned out really well. Just think, if you had never joined the seven deadly spins...